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On this page you will find requests for information and help from various sources relating to Cannon Row and the police duties performed there.

If you feel that you can contribute in any way please deal with the person/s concerned directly and ask that Alpha Delta Plus receives some form of acknowledgement.

Alpha Delta Plus simply provides this page for your information and in no way is recommending participation.




Alpha Delta Plus
I hope you may be able to help me find an old friend of my fathers.  My fathers name is Douglas Davidson and he would like to find his friend PC 325 Roderick Laurie. Roderick and my dad grew up and went to school together in the same village in Aberdeen.  My father said  he's pretty sure Roderick went to London in 1954 after  he served in  Malaya with the Gordon Highlanders. The last address dad has is the Westminster Section House. In 1956 my father immigrated to New Zealand intending to write and now regretting not doing so. In 1989 we made a trip back to the UK, but were  unable to find any family members of  Rodericks in  Aberdeen. It may be that he did not stay in the force. Dad is hoping that Roderick is  fit and well and although it may be along shot, he did find another friend after 40 yrs. If you are able to help it would be most appreciated.
Douglas Davidson




My name is Daniel Magner. I am currently doing some family research, in relation to my Grand Father, Ronald Vaughan Pitt. He joined the Met on March 2nd 1936, PC577A, Hyde Park. I also have his Warrant Number, 124811. He was eventually, after returning from service in the RAF, to become Desk Sergeant at Bow Street, and left the force on the 24th of January 1964. I have various pictures and newspaper articles of him on duty. Some are the “Cable Street Riots” in 1936 and what look like newspaper printer riots, and royal protection in the 1960’s. I also have a picture of him out side Buckingham Palace, on the announcement of the birth of the Prince of Whales, in 1947. There is also a story involving him, swapping shifts, at Buckingham Palace, on the night it was bombed, resulting in the death of his friend and colleague. I was wondering if they may be any one still alive who may have known him or know any thing about him. Any new information you may have would be great. If no information on him specifically, is availably I would be very interested to learn about Bow Street Station, at the time he was serving there.


I hope the information above can be of help, if you would rather talk on the phone 07952270907, please fell free to ring me. I will look forward to hearing from you.


Daniel Magner.





Dear Sir

I am trying to get in touch with any Met Police officers/Flying Squad who were in the Cannon Row Police Station when the World Cup was handed in by Dave Corbett. This was on the 27th of March 1966. He found it with his dog Pickles wrapped in newspaper. I have the following names:

 Chief Detective Superintendent John Baily,

 Chief Superintendent William Gilbert.

 Detective Chief Inspector William Little

 Commander John Lawler.

 I know that Scotland Yard were involved with the investigation. We are making a documentary about the disappearance of the cup and it remarkable recovery.

 I hope that you may be able help. Many thanks

 Best wishes

 Pamela Drynan

Mint Productions





Alpha Delta Plus,

I came across your website whilst looking for further information on the Free George Davis Campaign of 30 years ago.  I work for Boomerang, a TV & radio production company based in Cardiff, which is producing a documentary for Radio 4 looking back on the highs and lows of the events which led eventually to George Davis’ release in 1976.  We will also be focusing on the way he betrayed those who had worked for his release when subsequently he pleaded guilty to armed robbery in 1978.

 I have already done a great deal of research into the case and have secured the co-operation of key figures in the campaign.  However, I do still need more information on the whereabouts of Peter Chappell, whom I understand was instrumental in organising many of the stunts, including the vandalism of Headingly cricket pitch and was no stranger to Cannon Row.  His contribution would be invaluable, so if any of your former colleagues have any knowledge as to where he might be found, I would be extremely grateful.

 It is Boomerang’s aim to produce an informative and gripping documentary about a family’s belief in a man’s innocence and the lengths to which they were prepared to go in order to prove it.  We are acutely aware, however, that in the pursuit of what the campaign would have called ‘justice’, many criminal acts were perpetrated.  It is not our intention in any way to glorify or celebrate these acts.  It would be extremely useful therefore if, as well as providing information on Peter Chappell, you might be able to recommend a former officer who was involved in some way or at some stage with the George Davis case who might be able to counterbalance the family’s point of view, as required by BBC guidelines.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Yours sincerely

 Rhys Lloyd  

 Boomerang TV

218 Penarth Road

Caerdydd/Cardiff CF11 8NN

 029 2055 0585

07813 788609




Hello there

My great-great grandfather Thomas Beasley (warrant number 35648) served in A Div from August 2, 1868 to July 28, 1881. He retired the following year.

Family lore has it that he was an inspector at the Houses of Parliament. Going by your website, am I right in thinking that A Div did, in fact, encompass the Houses of Parliament (which I gather is the same thing as the Palace of Westminster)?

I’m keen to find out more about Thomas. I have commissioned a professional researcher to dig through the files at Kew and he has unearthed some very interesting details about the man.

But I was wondering whether you or your members might have any supplemental information on him  the sort of anecdotal/departmental material that the PRO would not keep.  

I would be very grateful for any help you could provide.

 Yours sincerely,

 John Piggott



REQUEST FROM Eleventh Hour Productions (presented as received)

Hi there...
My name is Shaun and i work for Eleventh hour Productions in London,
We are currently developing a Documentary for ITV which features the
Life and history of Central London Police Stations in 1980's up to
present Day....
We are looking at West End Central, Vine Street, Bow Street And
gerrard Row all of whomi believe have tales to Tell??
So iwould be very interested in hearing from Any officers who served
at these Stations and would be willing to Talk over lunch and maybe
even go on camera??
So if anyone out there served at these Stations then Please get in touch
Thank you



REQUEST FROM PC 269P Gill Gilbey (SO 17)

I am making enquiries about George WIlliam Jarvis, born 27/7/1865. He joined the Met on 30/1/1893 and retired on a pension of  58. 5s .4d on 29/1/1911. He served on A Division and specifically is believed to have been at the Palace of Westminster (now SO17) in 1900. His warrant number was 78268. His wife, Harriet dob 18/4/1867, whom he married in 1886 is also believed to have run the Section House in Lambeth or Pimlico (they are shown in the 1901 census as living in Lambeth, so probably the Lambeth one).

If anyone has any information speciafically about these two, (or where I might find it) or their son, Harry Jarvis (dob after 1901) who was a PC at Wood Green - believed collar number of 935 or 933, or cousins or uncles who were always referred to as 'detectives' by William, then I would be pleased to hear.

The enquiry comes from William's grandson, but was passed to me as I work at SO17 and have an interest in family history.

Many thanks in advance!

Gill Gilbey PC 269P
Training and Development Unit SO17
020 7219 5153
Metphone 47109






Alpha Delta Plus,

My father, Arthur Buxton retired police officer PC 685 'A' passed away in February of this year, aged 91.  In going through his personal items I came across the London Police Pensioner magazine. 
On my return to Canada, where I have resided for the past 37 years I researched the Internet for information on LPP and was directed to Alphadeltaplus for officers who served at Cannon Row Police Station 'A'. 
Does the 'A' in his identification no. mean this is the police station where he served?  I am interested in information on his police background, but can only go on my memory now.  We lived in the east end of London while he was in the police force.  First in Leytonstone and then in a police house in Walthamstow.  I do know that part of his police "beat" included the dockyards.
Thank you for any information you are able to provide.
Jennifer Davies.


Alpha Delta Plus,

I hope that you can steer me in the right direction. I am tracing my family tree and I had a relative on the Metro Police Force. His name was Robert George Bartlett, he died on or about December 1, 1984. If you can give me an address that I can contact that would be great.

Thanks for your help.





Alpha Delta Plus,
My father, Les Watkins, was 34 years a Met Policeman, 1930 -1964.
I am doing the family history but have no photo's of his beat areas, police stations, duty views etc. I noticed your page 'A' photo album on the Internet, but much as the text was there, I couldn't raise the actual photographs.  Can you help with another page of photo's perhaps?  London Police Pensioner (LPP) published a few items from me, ie. September 1999. see page 41 etc.
Thank you, 
Brian R. Watkins in Adelaide, South Australia (Eldest son)
Alpha Delta Plus,
I am searching for any PC Les Watkins related items. He served on 'A' and 'S' Divisions betwen1930 and 1964. He served at Cannon Row during war years 1939 -1944.  Then Hendon, Wealdstone, Golders Green (As Station Sgt)and  Edgware as Inspector.
Playing cricket at Colindale was his forte'.
I am publishing his interesting family history and any information would be welcome.
Thank you, eldest son, Brian R. Watkins in Adelaide South Australia.




 I am a student at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in Chislehurst, Kent. A group of broadcasting students, including myself, are making a program which requires the expertise of a police officer in order to make our scripts believable and affective.
Could I please be put in touch with a retired police officer who would be so kind as to offer his/her knowledge to assist us in making this show a success?
Thank you so very much for your time.
Respectfully Yours,
Christina Howe.



We inherited a clock from Mrs Taylor, the clock was given to her husband Raymond Francis Taylor on his retirement in 1963 from the Metropolitan Police force at Cannon Row- the station attached to Scotland yard.

There is a name and address on the inside of the clock which reads ;

A.A. Osbourne & Son
Clock makers
61 St John Street
Clerkenwell ECI
21 Aug 1952

I would be greatful if you could give me any information that you know about this clock. If you would be so kind to email me back on:



I'm a published writer of non-fiction who has just started researching a
book about late 1940s London. As part of my preparatory work, I'm keen to
talk to retired detectives who worked during that period.
I'd therefore be extremely grateful if you'd be willing to publish an appeal on my behalf in Alpha Delta Plus.
I can be contacted by email:, by phone: (01603 766862), or by post (84 Helena Road, Norwich NR2 3BZ).

Best wishes,
Paul Willetts

P.S. If, for reasons of security, you're wary about my enquiry, my status as a writer can be checked by consulting the internet or by checking bookshop listings for my debut book: "Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia", a biography of the writer and Soho dandy, Julian Maclaren-Ross (1912-64).


Looking for some help. I am a police officer in Vernon Hills, Illinois (USA) and from 1983 to 1986 I was stationed in London while serving with the United States Marine Corps. I was working out of a building at 7 N. Audley St., near the American Embassy. I am trying to locate a subject I was stationed with at that time, who is still living in England. His name is Shawn Fells and his last known address was somewhere in Torquay or Paighton. I am sure he has been arrested (probably for fighting) and if he was in the states he would be easy enough for me to find. If anyone can help me locate this subject I would appreciate it. My contact information is Thanks in advance. Dan Bennett



Fleetcraft Driver Training Ltd
0845 644 5101
**  Corporate Hospitality & Driving Days also involved.  Event staff always needed **
Fleetcraft Driver Training Ltd.  provide advanced driver training to corporate and occupational drivers, using techniques based on and proven by the police 'Roadcraft' system. Our own
driver training programme 'Fleetcraft' was developed in conjunction with The Police Foundation, and is published as a reference guide by The Stationary Office. Our aim is to reduce accidents among UK companies, improve road safety, and assist our clients in becoming compliant with
new Health & Safety legislation concerning the 'Duty of Care' for employees at work.

We currently have approximately30 instructors across the UK, all working from home on
a part-time basis, and all holders of 'class 1 advanced' police driver qualifications. Indeed we only employ instructors who hold class 1 certificates and (or are willing to obtain) ADI approval. This allows us to ensure that our instructors are of the highest quality, with the required experience, and familiarity with Roadcraft, to deliver the level of training our clients deserve.

We are recruiting now for new instructors across the UK, so if you think you meet the
criteria above and would like to develop a part-time occupation as an Advanced
Driving Instructor please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.



I came across your website and wondered if you could help me with some
research I'm doing.
Granada TV are producing a major drama-documentary for ITV based on the
kidnap attempt made on Princess Anne on March 20th 1974. I'm trying to
as accurate and authentic account of the incident as I can, and I'm also
looking for extra details that might not have made the papers at the time.
Obviously this was a big night for Can(n)on Row police station, and a
of officers stationed there (Peter Edmonds, or is it Edwards - I've seen
spelt both ways! and Michael Hills) even received medals as a consequence
their actions. I know it all happened a long time ago but I would love to
hear from any police officers who were on duty that night; who may have
at the scene or who have any special memories about the incident or its
If you can help I'd be very grateful. Perhaps I could post something on
website or go through yourself to see if anyone can help?
Many thanks for your time, and best regards


granada television
Factuals Dept, 60 Quay St
Manchester M60 9EA


Alpha Delta Plus,
The following message has been circulated to registered users of Police Oracle and Police Reunited following a request for assistance:

Retired Officers with experience of disclosure and exhibit handling are being urgently sought for a 3 month contract, with a possible extension, in Cambridgeshire.

Dream Policing Support have been asked to source suitable candidates. They state that accommodation could be provided for those travelling from outside the force area. The following additional information is provided;

1. There are two positions to start immediately

2. The work is on a high profile major incident.
3. The roles would command a competitive rate of pay.
Should you be interested or know someone that is then please telephone
David Vaughan at Dream Policing Support on 01926 866 606 or email your details to
In addition, Dream Policing Support are keen to talk to any retired officer who have an interest in utilising their skills and experience back within the Police Service."
I hope this is of some use to yourself or a friend or colleague.
Kind regards
Geoff Hyams
Police Oracle / Reunited


From Clark Westneat,
Matthews, North Carolina, USA.

I recently purchased a 1967 S-Type area car with the license tag SUU 491F. I understand there may be only 2 or 3 of it's type left and I am looking for any help or information on it.

Alpha Delta Plus,
NSI Ltd, which runs both Police Reunited and MoD Reunited have been approached by the film industry to assist in finding 300 extras with police or military backgrounds for the production 'Ultimate Force'. This is being filmed from January 7th 2003 over a period of about 4 months. The location for the filming is the London area.

The group organising these extras, or 'Supporting Artists' is made up of two companies, both leaders in their fields in the UK;

'Mad Dog Casting' one of the largest casting agencies in the UK, it represents hundreds of Supporting Artists (SA's). Mad Dog have supplied SA's for many major feature films (including Die Another Day), television productions and commercials. Mad Dog have agreed to act as your agent and will take bookings and contact you if / when you are needed.

e-media-c is a substantial plc company. They are supported by the Government (Trade Partners). e-media-c's role is to promote you to people who book SA's. This is done via one of the most sophisticated websites in the industry which has led to e-media-c being the market leader in their field, used by major clients such as Marks and Spencer, Boden catalogue, Great Universal Stores, as well as Sky Movies, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and some of the biggest advertising agencies in the UK.

Those that wish to participate need to be registered with e-media-c. A discounted rate of 35 pounds per year (normally 85 pounds) has been agreed. There is no guarantee of a place on Ultimate Force, or indeed any other production, but Mad Dog Casting will act as your agent and e-media-c will promote you to all the key casting agencies in the UK, not just for this film, but throughout the year.

Payment for S.A. work starts at about 73 pounds per day.

For Ultimate Force specifically, they are mainly looking for males who look 20 to 35 years old. Obviously, for other productions this will vary.

To participate:

To register or to request more information on working as a police / military extra via this system, go to

NB. To apply in time for consideration for the Ultimate Force production, applications will need to be processed, and your photographs received by e-media-c by Wednesday 18th December 2002 at 12 noon.

Kind regards
Mike Wenn
Police Reunited


Alpha Delta Plus,
I am writing to ask for your assistance, if you feel you can give it. I am currently writing a biography of Reginald Maudling (Chancellor 1962-64, Home Secretary 1970-72) and came across the AD+ site while doing an internet search on the name of Maudling which turned up Anthony Poulter's story about the pigeons!

Anthony suggested that I might write to you to see if it would be possible to flag up my interest in Maudling on the site (with my email address) and see what memories former officers would be prepared to share. I have had every assistance from the surviving members of the Maudling family (Caroline and Edward). If people would prefer not to be identified in any way in the book, I would of course respect their wishes.

With best wishes

Lewis Baston
Holmwood House,
Kingston University,
Kingston, Surrey, KT1 2EE.

Tel: 0208 547 2000 Ext 2323.



Alpha Delta Plus,
Following a major conservation project, English Heritage opened The Wellington Arch, one of London's finest neo-classical monuments, as a major tourist attraction in April 2001. Since then over 50,000 people have explored the Arch learning about its interesting and varied history.

Part of the exhibition space is a temporary exhibition area, which changes periodically. We are currently exploring the possibility of filling this space with an exhibition exploring the Arch's use as London's smallest Police station. This is largely dependent on what information and material we are able to gather.

To this end we call upon Police Officers who served at Wellington Arch (AW) to supply us with:

Any Photographs of AW in use as a Police Station.
Any reminiscences of AW's operational functions.
Any anecdotes of any incidents at AW.

We guarantee to return any material supplied and, if required, to acknowledge the donor. Your co-operation will help us represent the Metropolitan Police force within the history of the Arch and build an exhibition of great interest to both the general public and past and present members of the Police force.

Please send material to:

Paul Griffiths
Site Manager
The Wellington Arch
Apsley Way
Hyde Park Corner
Tel: 0207 930 2726

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