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This page presents the pictorial memories of Ex PC 684 'A'/145126 Percy Beard

Percy assisting Lady Masham upon arriving at the House of Lords
Note Lady Masham had signed the photograph for Percy

Les Huckfield MP for Nuneaton arriving at Carriage Gates, New Palace Yard welcomed by Percy.

1977 Miss World contestant Miss Brazil with Percy (right) and PC 762 'A' Peter 'Choochy' Dickens outside St. Stephen's entrance, Palace of Westminster.

Percy's own potted history of his days on 'A'

Palm Court Rest Room: Percy on right with 'artistic' calendar. PC. 504 'A' Vic Potter taking photos

1974: A touch of the East from Tory MP's Robert Adley (left) and Hugh Dykes arriving for the Budget in blue MAO tunics acquired on a visit to China the year before.

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Percy Beard's Pictorial Memories