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How are things now in the 21st Century on AD's ground?

Things have certainly moved on from our days at Cannon Row and some of the scenery has completely changed.
Items on this page will bring us up to date with changes to the old ground in the 21st Century AD.
Many of us, for various reasons, are unable to return to view the familiar sites including, beats patrolled, protection posts, traffic points and buildings that we knew so well in earlier times. Hopefully this page will help to bring us an up to date view of life in and around 'A' or Whitehall Division as it is today without having to return to London.

Ex PC 380 'A' David Jagger presents this very recent view of Cannon Row's front office and cell area:

Memory Lane
Recently I qualified as a guide to work within the Houses of Parliament during
the summer recess (years wandering the corridors, shouting 'division' and
imbibing in Roses Bar counted for nowt). Before I could enter the hallowed
portals of our lovely old building it was necessary for me to have a pass so
along I went to the Security Office - the old Cannon Row front office! The
counter was where it had always been and the walls which bore Inspector
Wilkinson's helmet-plate collection were as I remembered but the Ceremonials
Office where George Garnham et al worked now forms part of the new security
complex. Photographed and documented sitting at a table just about where the
Duty State used to rest I asked to view the old charge room and cell passage.
Sadly it had all gone as had the female cells below although the windows onto
Cannon Row were still as I remembered - with their great stone lintels and
tiled surrounds.
The staff were happy to chat about the former layout of their building although
none could remember its former use as AD.
Incidentally, for those of us who see the 'resident' demonstrator living
amongst his rubbish on the grass opposite New Palace Yard will be interested to
know that the famous 'Sessional Order' we used to keep SW1 tidy counts for
little against the Human Rights Act, hence his continued presence and the
apparent inability of the local officers to get him shifted!

Ex PC 380'A' /154827

David G Jagger

Email : david.jagger@tall-stories.com
Tel : +44 (0) 1233 720 983
Web : www.tall-stories.com


The images above, left and below presented by Ex PS 70'A'/155453 Keith Hole (AD 1970 - 1975) who now lives in Bang Lamung, THAILAND!!!! Keith made a recent visit to the old ground in April 2003 and took these pictures.He freely admits to being slightly 'the worst for wear' after visiting the 'Red Lion' purely on nostalgic grounds you understand!!!

Keith can be contacted by email in Thailand:
Those of you who live near to the Capital and have access to a digital camera could really make this page a success by simply taking up to date pictures of the area and sending them to Alpha Delta Plus.
Click on the helmet image for 'SIGNPOST' (Express Navigation)
Middlesex Sessions April 2003 presented by Ex PS 70 'A' Keith Hole.

Who can tell us whose statue has been boarded up ?
and what was the 'official' title of this traffic point (Great George Street j/w Parliament Square) when worked by officers on Parliamentary Crossings duty?
Answers to alphadeltaplus@onetel.com

Answers have started to come in and our first 'effort' is an excellent one from Ex PC 380'A'/154827 David Jagger. He is a current 'Blue Badge' Guide and has an extensive knowledge of local 'A' information.

Here is his answer:

Alpha Delta Plus,
The answer to the question about traffic points around Parliament Square. Gt George Street and Parliament St was called 'Goldsmiths' and numbered 62. It was relieved by 2 beat and operated 0800 to 2400 or until the House rose.
The other point on the north side at Gt George Street and Parliament Square was called 'The Fountain' numbered 67 and was relieved by 7 protection (the foot patrol around the Home Office - properly called 'New Public Buildings' patrol).This was manned 1000 to 1800 only.
Other points on the Square were 60 (Bridge St/Embankment) 63 (King Charles St/Parliament St) 65 (Bridge St/Parliament Sq) 66 (southwest corner of Parliament Sq). Clearly these were not all permanent patrols and by the 1960's had largely been re-numbered to show 2 men on the bottom of Parliament St rather than spread around the Square.

Colleagues might also be interested in a change at Trafalgar Square. The'top' side has gone and the square has now been joined to the National Gallery with a wide pedestrianised area. All traffic goes up and down the 'sides' or across the bottom. The east side used to be called Morleys Hill after the hotel which stood on the site of the present South Africa House. I have a plan of the new Square which I will download as and when I discover how to do it!
Poor old Nelson - no longer is he guarded by Police. The Mayor (now the Police Authority for the Metropolis) replaced the Pc's with two wardens and a harrier hawk. They ignore climbing on the monuments, paddling in the fountains and 'demonstrating to the annoyance'. Their sole task is to stop the pigeons from landing.

David G Jagger

Email : david.jagger@tall-stories.com
Tel : +44 (0) 1233 720 983
Web : www.tall-stories.com

Left: April 2003 Opposite Carriage Gates.

This picture sent to us by current serving officer at POW PC 362 'P' Andrew Allen. (The 'P' is the current divisional letter allocated to officers serving at POW).

Andrew has recently transferred from the Diplomatic Protection Group to the Palace of Westminster. His comments are shown below:

            I'm not an ex A officer, don't laugh but I only joined in 1987, but I've just transferred to POW from the DPG. I found your website whilst surfing the web and have found it really interesting seeing and reading about the "good old days????". One of your contributors mentioned the protest opposite Carriage Gates and I thought you might like to show the attached photo. It was taken in April 2003 from Carriage Gates , at this time you may remember the Iraq crisis was in full swing and so the single resident protester was joined by rent-a-mob and the great unwashed. As retired police officers you can understand the frustration your current colleagues feel. It is quite right to say that a court has held that they are only exercising their human rights to protest. Although members and peers are apparently looking to update Sessional Orders to get around this somehow.
Andy Allen 362'P'
PS. were you aware that there are now armed DPG officers attached to POW?
(For some of the 'more senior'  ex officers 'DPG' stands for Diplomatic Protection Group....JH)

21st Century 'AD'