21st Century 'AD' (3)
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Welcome to the third page of pictures showing the changing face of 'A'.


Not 'AD' but 'AR' Rochester Row (May 2005)


Len Bentley, Ex PC 799 'A' on  recent visits to 'A' took these pictures. Slightly deviating from AD's ground he started with a visit to Rochester Row (AR). 

Both  (AR) and adjoining court house are Grade II listed buildings and are being turned into luxury flats.

He then returned to AD's ground to continue his walk down memory lane and took more excellent photographs to show how AD's ground has been added to over the years. 

 All pictures and text kindly presented by Len Bentley email Len: leonb55@tiscali.co.uk

RIGHT: Rochester Row Police Station that was !








The Lord Louis Mountbatten statue on Foreign Office
Green which is adjacent to 5 and 6 protection. I think it has been there
for several years but I do not know when it was erected.

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Right: Memorial Walk Roundel

Right: a metal roundel let into the footway in St. James's Park which denotes The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, a bit like the Silver Jubilee roundels. The roundel is one of 70 which mark a 7.3 mile walk which includes Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James's Park.

The old 'Cake House' replacement

Left: The restaurant which replaced the old  'Cake House', it is called 'Inn the Park' (get it?). It is fully licensed and has a turf roof and the architect was Michael Hopkins who apparently is a notable modern Architect.

'The Ghurka Soldier' Statue

 'The Ghurka Soldier' dates from 1997 and
stands on the corner of Whitehall Court and Horseguards Avenue.

The Royal Tank Regiment Statue

Statue commemorating The Royal Tank regiment stands on
the corner of Whitehall Court and Whitehall Place. The trees you can see
in the background appear to be a kind of conifer. Westminster Council has
planted quite a few in the surrounding streets and they look very out of
place just like a forest of christmas trees. Perhaps they hope to make a
bit of money come yuletide?

Northumberland Avenue, Street Furniture

A piece of street furniture in Northumberland Avenue,
there are several in the Avenue, I think they might be seats, but I am not

National Police Memorial

The 'National Police Memorial' was unveiled by  H.M. The Queen in May 2005, it is situated in The Mall j/w Horseguards Approach Road. The Book of Remembrance is housed in an alcove which is part of a larger building which obviously has some other function, I noticed a continuous hum coming from it whilst I was there.

Memorial Gates, Constitution Hill

The Memorial Gates in Constitution Hill (right) and the Temple like structure on the north footway (below). The Gates were unveiled by the Queen in 2002, they are dedicated to all those from the sub continent, Africa and West Indies who fell in the two World Wars. Inside the Temple like structure on the ceiling are recorded all the VC and GC awards to soldiers from those countries. The whole thing is very well done  (money from the lottery!).



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Derby Gate. (Above)
This is the site of the late lamented Barclay Brothers cafe; I can still
remember their delicious cheesecake. The cafe was demolished to make way
for an extension to the old New Scotland Yard now called The Norman Shaw
building and used as offices for members of Parliament. The architect has
mimicked the horizontal banding of the original yard but it still looks too
new, but it will age with time as in all things. I recently discovered that
the Red Lion was built in 1898-99; Cannon Row was built in 1900-02, forward
planning or what!

Downing Street. (Right)
I thought I would submit a photograph of the entrance to Downing Street just to show what a parlous state this country of ours is in. I know that all the security is necessary but it just makes me weep with frustration to see what we have come to.

21st Century 'AD' (3)